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DESCRIPTION "EASYDOOR-PRO" Easydoor-Pro is a native Full-IP system, a cutting edge innovation within the security worldThrough its Server/Client concept, it is most specifically aimed at single-site or multi-site access control applications, through a computer network or telecoms links.Easydoor-Pro is an economical and evolutionary solution, integrating a large number of applications for large or small architectures. Integrated electronic card network in a metal wall box in white enamel 330 x 330 x 80 mm.Unlimited number of cards on the computer network.Two types of electronic cards to manage all types of two or four badge readers and/or biometric readers, six or twelve entry contacts, two or four exit relays, one ethernet socket.Native FULL-IP connection integrated in the electronic card controller.Funcionamiento en modo autónomo en caso de suspensión de la red informática o eléctrica.Autonomous function mode in the event of computer network or electrical failure.Local save programme using Lithium battery.Local data memory storage for up to 1,000 events, expandable to 2,000.Local data memory storage of 2,000 authorised badges, expandable to 5,000 or 10,000 badges.Addressable IP can be downloaded and modified remotely. Incorporated power input of 220v / 12v continuous duty with battery back-up.When integrating with an existing network, the network supervisor can modify the default values with the Easydoor Module Set programme.It is also possible to connect to a DHCP server to obtain an IP address.Compatible badge reader interfaces :Magnetic trail.Contactless 125KHz Wiegand or Data-Clock or RS232.Contactless 13.56 KHz MIFARE ® Wiegand or Data-Clock or RS232.MULLION Wiegand or Data-Clock or RS232.DEISTER 12 volts.HID 12 volts.STID 12 voltsINDALA.Biometric DEISTER BPM12Biometric Handkey 2Special order.Compatible locking mechanisms :Electro-magnetic suction pads, electric locks, motorised bolts, etc.For connections, please refer to the manufacturers’ technical data sheets which accompany the lock mechanisms.